The Inane World of Brandi

When I first wrote this, I forgot what it was like to be on line, having a million and a half-nosey people looking at your web page. Well, I remember now, which is why to the disappointment of some, I have decided to change it. Now, that doesn't mean that what was up before wasn't a part of me, it was, but just a tiny really depraved part. Now, I think you will all be a bit more willing to learn more about me <p>

First and foremost, I have added some links for learning disabilities. They are a very real, and embarrassingly enough, hard to deal with part of my life. I suffer from one, as do my brothers, and in the next generation who is beginning to show all the signs her mother did my child. A.D.D. is what I and I'm sure my child suffers from. But on the other side are the boys in my family who also suffer from both A.D.D. and dyslexia. One brother has a mild case the other had to have specialized learning to learn how to read and write and spell. These can be terrifying if you don't know what is going on within yourself and your mind. It is also terrifying for the people around you who want to help you but don't know what to do. So, if you get a chance please look at these few links and see what information is contained within them for treatment, what they are, and what kinds of people suffer from them. <p>

International Dyslexia Organization

Another Dyslexia Page

Something on A.D.D.

Okay, the next thing I guess I really should put in here are the links to my friends pages. I really, REALLY have to start with Hatter, for whom has made the first page possible, and whom keeps me smiling and guessing by being a git. Next comes the almost never seen and always idling really sweet guy (if you can get him to talk to you that is) Zach, whom has the distinguished honor of being my very first net.crush ... awww isn't that sweet? (Feel free to puke now). Next is a really sweet sexy woman who is by far the queen of puns, Bee, though she is rarely on due to her studies she is just DA BOMB baby! Now, I think before he gets upset, and his sensibilities (what there are of them) and his sensitive side (which he revels in) get all discombobulated I had better mention my friend from both online and off Atreyu, if you haven't talked to him, really. You are saving yourself from a headache of bad puns, Pooh-isms, and a general smart-ass attitude but I have to admit it's never boring. There are more but for the moment this is all I'm putting up, as I have no clue what the addresses are to link to them.

I do want to put two more links in that I think everyone should check out. Okay, so that's because I am opinionated and want everyone to dig the music as much as I do. Now, before you go check them out and think I am either totally nuts or spent way too much time with my grandmother, let me assure you that this is not the only forms of music that I listen to and like. Though I do admit to having a large preference for it just because it always makes me feel so damned good. The first is a link to a local band here in Albuquerque, NM and to be honest they are one of the best live bands I've heard in a really long time. If you're ever in town and can get a chance to see them, I recommend that you do, because more likely than not, if I'm with you I will drag you over to talk to them, they are really nice guys and you can tell they love their work. They are the Sultans and like I said, they are a really good blues band that can drift through the different subtleties of the blues with influences from swing to surf tunes thrown in like nobody else. Okay, so I am biased, shoot me. Now, this second one is not a local band but they are a national touring band who has recently released their first big album. They are one of the featured artists on the Swingers soundtrack and are just a lot of fun to listen to and to go see. So, if you hear of them coming, don't hesitate, just put on your best zoot suit and go swing all night with Big Bad VooDoo Daddy

Let's see if you don't know me, then I guess you should really know where to find me if you are curious huh? My first hint is good luck! I flit on and off of more talkers than I can remember the names to. But if you like you need to talk, here are some of the places you are likely to find me though they are listed in no particular order. Surfers, Mayhem, Silver Circle, Resort (when it's up and running), Foothills, Amnesia (the baby of my friend Blimey), and Crazylands (which tends to live up to it's name). Now, I know I am forgetting two or three, but I believe that is okay, I have a liking to a little privacy and anonymity.

Now, I know this is a HUGE change from what I had up here before, but trust me, this is actually more like me than you will ever know. And again, I point out that there are no pictures of me up. As most (if not all) of you know, I am not overly happy at the idea of my picture being up. Okay, so if I had my way there will never be a picture of me up. So, I will not put one up. Though I may just put a picture up to shut some of you perverts up be assured it will be a really bad one :-P.

Okay, so now you all know me just a little bit better, but not much better than you did when we started. If you have any complaints, suggestions, wanna talk about something, or whatever, just email me at

That's it for me folks, I'm outta here,