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Hopefully my online guide of Atari connectors and pinouts will save lots of people asking for the common ones on the newsgroups, and tearing hair out looking for the weirder ones.

Alternative monitor connector

Rather than bother with those annoying 13 pin din connector to my monitor, I've built an adaptor that allows me to use the more easily available (and easier to solder) 15 way D connector. A female socket is used on the machine end, and males for the leads themselves, again for cost reasons.
If you already have a lead that you don't mid hacking up, you will never have to solder another 13W DIN, just cut the cable in half and put the DB15's in the middle.
Pins are grouped logically together (at least, I think they are) and I have added a separate ground for audio, just to make life easier. Pin 14 can be used for whatever you want, maybe even for RF if you're feeling adventurous.

Anyway, the pins run like this :

   1 :  Red                     9 :  Horizontal Sync
   2 :  Green                  10 :  Vertical Sync
   3 :  Blue                   11 :  Composite Sync
   4 :  Ground                 12 :  Clock Select/General
   5 :  Monochrome                     Purpose Output 
   6 :  Mono Detect/Clock In   13 :  12V Pullup/Reserved
   7 :  Ground                 14 :  Not Connected
   8 :  Audio Out              15 :  Audio In

For most software, you might want to take a look in the archives, including a mirror of umich. You might prefer to use a proper ftp program rather than a www version.

On the other hand, if you don't see what you want, the you might want to see what Split Infinity has got to offer.

For assorted technical stuff, you can go to Simon Hammetts Assembler page . Much useful stuff on assembler, cookies, system resources and that type of gubbins

Newsgroups worth reading include comp.sys., and comp.sys.atari.programmer