How to meet spods and Influence people.

Contrary to popular myth-conceptions spods do inhabit a physical space somewhere. This somewhere is normally very near a keyboard and a net connection, but very occasionally they feel the need to check that the rest of spod-dom is more than one huge AI and psychology experiment with them as the test subject. This is done for maximum entertainment value by attending a spodmeet.

These are organised every few weeks, and happen all over the world, but normally at colleges or universities, due to the presence of plenty of free spodding facilities and plenty of cheap bars. Anywhere else with these two necessities in easy reach is also considered a good site.

In fact, by choosing a different venue, one of the major problems with meets is simplified. That problem is how to identify other spods. If a large enough collection of people already sort-of know each other, then they will start to naturally nucleate and form a base that will attract others.

If there isn't a large enough mass of known spods to form this state, or if you are a lone spod who's never met anyone before, there is a standardised practice for locating the others, and it is performed as follows :

  1. Stand near groups of people you suspect of beings spods.
  2. Mutter 'spod' under your breath, or say it out loud in random directions.
  3. Repeat 3 until either
    1. You get approached by the others.
    2. You get arrested.
    3. You get taken back to the psychiatric ward.
This method has been tested extensively and found t be remarkably effective, however its success is a product of its use, please publicise amoungst those who might need to know such things.