Welcome to the latest incarnation of my website. It started shortly after I first had net access, courtesy of some nice folk at Dundee Institute of Technology, some staff, some students, all of whom are no longer there. It was around October 1993 that, with half a dozen off-site links, a single page and no graphics, that my pages began to appear. That night, I came up with a few icons.

As the pages grew, so did the browsers. Netscape, the newer browser, supported the also-new jpeg format, but most people still used Mosaic. As most of my graphics worked just fine in 16 colours, 256 was luxury, and more than I had easy access to play with. I avoided jpegs for the next couple of years, during which time Netscape took off, and Mosaic faded.

Even this site still sticks by the old design methodology; you will find very little Java or JavaScript, because of the number of browser which don't support them, or don't support them correctly. I'm using frames only to make navigation easier, and to cut down on reloading menus; I doubt you'll find an animated gif. Most magic will be performed via cgi scripts, which are much less reliant on specific browsers. The tables I use for cosmetic purposes will probably look a bit messy for non-tabled browsers. Apologies of this font looks a bit small, or a bit big, but if this is the case, change your browser to use the correct size, I tend to avoid <font size> tags, because I know how they mess up my browsing.

The navigation menu will take you down sub-menus. To get back up a level, just hit the back option. Simple, huh ?

A number of pages aren't indexed from anywhere. If you want to push your friends at my site, it's normally easier and more informative to direct them to the main page, and let them find the bits that interest them. If a page isn't referenced from anywhere else, I probably don't want the URL being widely distributed.

         the hatter